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Roots of Revolution

Deeply rooted in the Aztec tradition, Xiuhtezcatl shares his personal indigenous wisdom and the importance of staying connected to our cultures. He shares his connection with the natural world and its influence on him as a young leader. He discusses the importance of returning to a sacred way of living with the earth.

He covers:

  • Disappearing cultures around the world
  • The loss of languages and
  • Ancient teachings as important guides for turning the tides in our current crisis

His presentation reveals the fact that we are all indigenous to this sacred Earth. Acknowledging our interconnectedness, what we do in one part of the world affects all. The journey we must begin is healing ourselves to heal our earth.

“Finding your way in a world where the planet is collapsing, revolution is on the horizon, and youth are rising with the oceans to lead the movements that will shape our future. My generation was born into a rapidly changing world. We are facing total systemic collapse on nearly every level on our planet – temperatures are escalating and oceans are rising, as violent weather patterns devastate the world my generation will inherit.

But Youth around the world are standing up and joining hearts and hands against some of the most powerful industries in the world to build a resilient movement and communities to overcome this crisis. Never before has there ever been such an intergenerational opportunity to shape the world we deserve to inherit and want to leave future generations!”
— Xiuhtezcatl

Roots of Revolution is an eye-opening presentation that inspires you to stand up and take action to protect all that you love!

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